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The data contained within the Scottish section of the Gathering was gathered from a number of sources. The primary source, as researched and compiled by myself and my mother, Margaret Melanson, was the Scottish OPR's (Old Parochial Records) and the IGI's (International Genealogical Indexes).

These records were accessed in the Scotland at various Registry Offices and libraries in the Highlands. My mother and I also obtained much of the data after spending many countless hours at the microfiche and photocopy machines at the LDS church in Toronto (Mississauga) and Hamilton (Mountain), Ontario.

Secondary sources o finformation were obtained via first hand accounts as reported by various members of family. These secondary sources included my late grandmother, Murdina Ann Kemp (nee Macdonald, native of Dingwall, Scotland) and my late great-aunt Margaret Prowse (nee Kemp, sister to my late grandfather and native of the Black Isle, Scotland). Other members of the family, all still living, also contributed many important pieces of information to our research.

If there is a particular peice of data that you would like the exact sourcing information for, please feel free to email me at


1. OPR-BI: OPR's for the Black Isle, Scotland. These include the parishes of Urquhart and Logie Wester, Cromarty, Killearnan and Kiltearn.

2. OPR-RC: OPR's for the Ross & Cromarty region of Scotland. These include parishes and regions such as Urray, Dingwall and Fodderty.

3. OPR-Inv: These include the OPR's for the Inverness region.

4. OPR-WC: These include the OPR's for the west coast of Scotland for areas such as Applecross.

5. IGI-BI: The International Genealogical Indexes for the Black Isle and its parishes.

6. IGI-RC: The International Genealogical Indexes for the Ross & Cromarty region of Scotland.

7. IGI-Inv: The International Genealogical Indexes for the Inverness region of Scotland.

8. CS: Census material from the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 census' of Scotland. All marked (CS).

8. WA: First Hand witness account as reported by a reliable family source/s dircectly to the data compilers.

9. Obit: Newspaper Obituary from the locality of the deceased individual.

10. HsI: Headstone inscription/s as witnessed and recorded by this author (me).

11. LDS-M: Information submitted to the LDS by an LDS member.

Other Sources may be added as they are encountered.


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