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Hello and welcome to the Gatherings' page that will provide you with variety of things Scottish and Celtic sites.

Greg in his kilt on Robbie Burns Day, 2000.

On my maternal side, my ancestry is of Scottish Highland stock. These folks were from the northern highlands in and around the Cromarty Firth area (particularly on the Black Isle). While my mother and I have uncovered and completed many family lines beginning with the Kemps and the MacDonalds, there are many which we can continue no longer with as the records seem to not exist.

I found my scottish genealogy to be quite facinating, particularly when I consider the fact that many of my ancestors lived and died in the vacinity of Culloden. There is no official documentation about any of my Macdonald ancestors having been in Prince Charlie's Jacobite Rising but there has been mention that we had a few "Jacobites" among some of the families.

And, this is not surprising when you consider that the Black Isle was a hot bed of Jacobite activity and later served as a refuge for those that had escaped the doomed battle on Culloden Moor.

At present, this site only contains basic details about my two closest Scottish families, the MacDonalds and the Kemps. I do plan to include a more comprehensive listing for these two families as well as the inclusion of several of the other main families that branch out on the maternal sides (including the Urquharts, Fowlers, MacLeans and Beatons/Bethunes).

Below are links to the main two families currently on the site. I'd love to hear from anyone who finds a connection with their own lineage or anyone who can shed any light on any missing data or innaccuracies.

Links to my Scottish genealogy pages

Scottish Links

NEWS & CURRENT EVENTS (formerly Scotsman Online): Scotland's leading newspaper with all your leading news and current events.

The Gateway to Scotland: Loaded with a wide variety of info and links. The name says it all.

The Scottish Banner: The largest Scottish newspaper outside of Scotland.


Notable Dates in Scottish History:  Great site with all the significant dates in Scottish history.

Skyelander's Scottish & Medieval History: Award winning site. History, history and more history. Nicely done.

My Jacobite Page: Outline of the history of the Highland Jacobites and the Battle of Culloden.


The Gazetteer for Scotland: A vast geographical database of all areas of Scotland.

Have a Scottish/Celtic related site that you think should be listed here? Send me an email with the URL of the site and I will check it out.


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