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The MacDonald Family

Father: Murdoch MacDonald [Roderick]

Mother: Helen "Elie" Beaton (Bethune)

3rd Generation


1. Roderick MacDonald: Plasterer/Grieve; b. abt 1820, Kilmuir, Black Isle, Scotland; d. Oct. 27, 1903, Dingwall, Scotland.

Note: died at 77 years of age and was buried at Fodderty Cemetery, Scotland. Headstone nor burial plot has not been located.

Married: Feb. 9, 1844, Redcastle, Black Isle, Scotland to Janet "Jessie" Finlayson: (Robert & Eunice "Una" Urquhart) b. abt May 7, 1818 in Balgalhan, Ferintosh, Urquhart & Logie Wester, Black Isle, Scotland; d. June 25, 1881 in Dingwall, Scotland.

Children: Caroline "Carrie", Eunice "Uni", William, Robert, Helen "Ellen", Murdo, Janet, Alexander, Roderick "Rory" and John.

2. Alexander MacDonald: b. Feb. 16, 1823, Alness, Scotland; d. aft 1886.

Married: Did not marry.

3. Mary MacDonald: b. abt 1827, Fodderty, Scotland; d. aft 1881.

Married: Did not marry.

4. Ann MacDonald: b. Mar. 26, 1829, Fodderty, Black Isle, Scotland; d. Jan. 1, 1893, Leonaig, Urquhart, Scotland.

Married: Jan. 12, 1755, Urquhart, Black Isle, Scotland to Roderick Dingwall: (John and Margaret Lockart) b. Sept. 27, 1830, Urquhart, Black Isle, Scotland; d. aft 1893.

Children: John, May, Roderick, Murdo, William, Christina "Teenie", Mary Ann and Hector.

5. William MacDonald: b. July 21, 1831, Urquhart, Black Isle, Scotland.

6. May MacDonald: b. Mar. 11, 1834, Knockvaist, Urquhart, Scotland.

Married: June 26, 1857, Urquhart, Scorland to James McKenzie: Shoemaker; (Alexander & Christian MacDonald) b. Sept. 11, 1831, Fodderty, Scotland.

Note: May and James were first cousins (James' mother, Christian MacDonald, was Murdo's sister).

Children: no data.


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