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The Doody Family

This section dedicated to the memory of Leo-John Doody

The Doody (Doo-dee) Family presented herein hails from Mosquito, St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland with the original Doody settlers immigrating from either Ireland or from other parts of St. Mary's Bay during the early-mid 1800's. Not much is known about the original Doody settlers in Mosquito except for that family tradition dictates that they were of Irish origin and some researchers have concluded, perhaps erroneously, that the original surname was "O'Dawd/Dawd". However, the "Doody" spelling of the surname is quite prevalent in Ireland as early as the 1700's so the "O'Dawd/Dawd" variation is not conclusive. My research thus far seems to indicate that the brothers listed below were more likely from another area of NFLD as opposed to immigrating from Ireland.

As the oldest headstone in a cemetery used by residents of Mosquito dates to 1845 with the name of a John Doody it does clearly indicate that Doodys were at Mosquito prior to the time of the two brothers, both below and may have actually been their father. My research now is to determine if the early Doodys at Mosquito are related to the Doodys on this site.

As the generations wore on, the Doodys on Mosquito Island began to move to other parts of Newfoundland, i.e.; Admiral's Beach, Regina, Salmonier, Riverhead, etc. and eventually wound up in other parts of the world, namely Ontario, Canada and eastern parts of the United States, namely in New York. 

I will begin with the earliest known ancestors that are traditionally believed to have been among the first settlers at Mosquito and proceed down each generation, providing data for births, marriages, deaths and children.  

Father: John (?) Doody: b. abt 1790, Ireland or NFLD; d. 1845 (?), Mosquito, St. Mary's Bay (?), NFLD.

m. abt 1820

Mother: unknown wife: b. abt 1795, Ireland or NFLD; d. abt 1865, Mosquito, St. Mary's Bay (?), NFLD.

Generation Two


1. John Doody: Fisherman (*might be person listed in 1871 Directory for Red Harbour, Placentia Bay); b. abt 1820, Ireland or NFLD ; d. Jan 25, 1868 (?), Mosquito (?), St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Married: abt 1842, to Bridget (unknown surname): b. abt 1820; , Mosquito (?), St. Mary's Bay, NFLD; d. bef 1898, St. Mary's Bay (?), NFLD.

Children: Bernard, Mariah "Maria", Bridget "Bride", Alban and John J. (first two brothers, Bernard and Alban, are listed in the 1898 Directory for Mosquito as a Fishermen and 3rd brother, John, is listed as a "genl dealer"; in the 1904 Directory all three were listed as "fishermen").

2. Thomas "Tom" Doody: Planter; b. abt 1823, Ireland or NFLD; d. bef 1898, Mosquito/Colinet, St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Married: abt 1845, NFLD, to Catherine "Kate" (unknown surname):   *Was widowed and living at Colinet in the 1898 Directory. b. abt 1825, NFLD (?); d. aft 1898, Colinet, St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Children: children remain unknown but may have had a son or grandson named Sebastian (listed in 1898 Directory along with John's children, above, but is not a known child of Thomas' brother, John, above).

3. Margaret Doody: Planter; b. unknown; d. unknown. **Is not known for certain to have been a sister of John and Thomas, both above. Either died before 1871 or had married and either was no longer working as a planter or had moved away. (Is listed in Directory of 1864 for Mosquito as "Margaret Doody", a planter along with, who I presume was her brother, Thomas, above. They are the only Doodys listed in the 1864 Directory. She is not listed in the 1871 Directory nor any other Directories that followed).

Married: unknown if married.

Children: unknown.


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