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The Byrne (2) Family

Father: John Byrne: b. bet 1821-1825 (KD), Holyrood, NFLD; d. Harricot (?), NFLD [John]

Mother: Sarah Davis (William & Bridget Peddle) (KD)

John Married 2nd: Johanna unknown (KD)

Generation Two

Special thanks to Karen Dahle for filling in many blanks in the following data and for making various corrections to my older records. Data supplied by Karen is noted with a "(KD)".


1. Joseph Byrne: Fisherman (DR-5); b. abt 1872, Harricot, NFLD.

Note: is listed with James, Michael and John Byrne in the 1904 Directory for Harricot but not in the 1898 Directory for Harricot or Holyrood nor the 1921 Census for Harricot: may have migrated to the USA by this time

Married: to Mary Riggs: b. 1875 (KD); d. 1948, Sommerville, Mass. (KD), USA.

Children: Vincent R. and Ethel.

2. James Byrne: Fisherman/Farmer (DR-5); b. Oct 1876; Harricot, NFLD; d. May 24, 1946 (HsI-KD), St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Note: James is buried Mt. Carmel cemetery, located in St. Mary's Bay.

Married: abt 1898, NFLD, to Mary-Ellen Dobbin: b. abt 1875, Mosquito, NFLD.

Children: Leo, Sara, Catherine "Kitty-Eddie", Mary-Ellen "Nellie".

Married 2nd: on Nov. 22, 1902, NFLD, to Catherine Targate (or Target): b. Aug 1876, Holyrood, NFLD; d. Feb. 7th, 1939 (HsI-KD), St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Note: Catherine was known at the time of her second marriage by her married name "Barret".

Children: Josephine and Gerald Barret (Gerald was Catherine's son from her previous marriage).

3. Michael Byrne: Fisherman/Farmer; b. June 1878, Harricot, NFLD; d. July 5, 1948, St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Note: Michael is buried Mt. Carmel cemetery, located in St. Mary's Bay. Headstone was erected by "his five dau[ghters] and son John" (HsI-KD). Age at death was recorded on headstone as 78 years which is 8 years off from the year of birth that he gave in the 1921 census.

Married: abt 1904, Harricot, NFLD, to Mary Ellen Wall: (Michael & unknown mother) b. Dec 1885, Harbour Main, NFLD; d. June 5, 1925 (HsI-KD), St. Mary's Bay, NFLD.

Note: Mary Ellen is buried Mt. Carmel cemetery, located in St. Mary's Bay.

Children: Peter J., Mary, Maude, Sara, Helen "Ellen", Una, Michael, Bernard and Jessie.

Married 2nd: on Oct. 4, 1930 (KD) to Maria Gregory: (Richard & Ellen Linehan) b. 1895, Admiral's Beach (KD), NFLD; d. 1982 (HsI-KD), Harricot, NFLD.

Note: Maria is buried Mt. Carmel cemetery, located in St. Mary's Bay.

Children: Anne "Annie" Marie and John.

4. Catherine Byrne: b. May 1883.

5. Mary Byrne: b. abt 1870.

Children from 2nd marriage:

5. Mary Agnes Byrne: b. Sept 1887, Harricot, NFLD.

Note: was still single at age of 33 and living with her brother John at Harricot and John's niece Alice in 1921 census.

Married: to John Mahoney: b. abt 1885.

Child: Alice, Anne "Annie" and John.

6. John Byrne: Fisherman (DR-5); b. June 31, 1890, Harricot, NFLD; d. Jan 1, 1958 (?), Holyrood (?), NFLD.

Note: was still single at age of 31 and living with his sister Mary Agnes and niece Alice in 1921 census for Harricot. Alice is recorded as having been born in Feb. 1913 and was 7 years old at the time of the census. Mary Agnes, who had a daughter Alice through her marriage to John Mahoney (both above), was listed as "single" at this time.


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