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The Byrne (2) Family

The Byrne (2) Family represents my wife's maternal Byrne ancestors that eventually married into the Doody family of Mosquito, St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland. These Byrnes hail from the Holyrood and Harricot areas of St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland where they first settled with the arrival of John Byrne (below) from Ireland in about 1821 and his subsequent marriage to Ellen Wall. It is not known if John arrived in Newfoundland with parents or any siblings but it is probably that he met up with family already in the area or was joined by them within the next 15 or so years as the exodus from Ireland began to wind down.

John emigrated to Newfoundland in the middle of a 50 year period that saw Ireland's largest wave of immigration to North America (from 1785 to 1835) as Ireland's population doubled in a relatively short period of time. This resulted in the country's economy plummeting, jobs becoming scarcer and English-rule land reforms disgruntling many Irish land owners and farmers. In Newfoundland, however, the cod fishery and seal industries were booming and employment was fairly easy for these immigrants to obtain. Many also probably felt that both the political and religious climate would be much more favourable than it had been back in Ireland where these Catholics had been living under English Protestant rule.

Most of the Irish that immigranted during this period where originally inhabitants of very specific regions of Ireland. These areas included southwest Wexford, south Carlow, south Kilkenny (where John originated from), southeast Tipperary and southeast Cork. The vast majority of these immigrants arrived from county Waterford which was a port city centralized among several shipping and trading routes.

Father: John Byrne: b. abt 1793 (HsI), Thomastown, County Kilkenny, Ireland (KD); d. Jan. 1, 1858, Holyrood (?), NFLD.

Note: John is buried in the Irish Cemetery in Holyrood, NFLD.

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Photo courtesy Karen Dahle.

m. 1821, Holyrood (KD), NFLD.

Mother: Ellen Wall (KD) b. abt 1800

Generation One

Special thanks to Karen Dahle for filling in many blanks in the following data and for making various corrections to my older records. Data supplied by Karen is noted with a "(KD)".


1. Peter Byrne: Fisherman; b. abt 1821, Holyrood, NFLD.

Married: to Susan Davis (William & Bridget Peddle) (KD): b. abt 1824.


2. Patrick Byrne: Fisherman/Farmer (DR-3 & 7) ; b. abt 1836, Holyrood, NFLD; d. Nov. 11, 1917, Holyrood (HsI), NFLD.

Note: is listed with a John Byrne (probably his brother) in the 1870 Directory for Holyrood, Harbour Main, as a Fisherman. Is listed again (as "Patrick Byrne Sr.") in the 1894-97 Directory for Holyrood along with a number of other Byrnes. Last listed in McAlpine's 1904 Directory for Holyrood, Harbour Main, NFLD as a Farmer (DR-7).

Note 2: Headstone inscription reads "Also his father Patrick Byrne died Nov. 11, 1917, 81 yrs" (the stone had been erected by son Michael first for his mother, "Annie") (HsI-KD).

Married: Nov. 25, 1869 (KD), Holyrood, NFLD to Anne "Annie" Scott (KD): b. abt 1841; d. Nov. 8, 1917 (KD).

Children: Michael (other children not known at this time).

3. Ellen Byrne: b. abt 1824, Holyrood, NFLD.

4. John Byrne: Fisherman (DR-3); b. abt 1825, Holyrood, NFLD; d. Harricot (?), NFLD.

Married: Dec. 1, 1866, St. Mary's (KD), NFLD to Sarah Davis (William & Bridget Peddle) (KD).

Children: Joseph, James, Michael, Catherine and Mary.

Married 2nd: bet 1880-1887 (KD), NFLD, to Johanna unknown.

Children: Mary Agnes and John.

5. James Byrne: Fisherman (DR-3); b. abt 1827, Holyrood, NFLD.

6. Margaret Byrne: b. abt 1829, Holyrood, NFLD.

7. Elizabeth Byrne: b. abt 1831, Holyrood, NFLD.

8. Catherine Byrne: b. abt 1833, Holyrood, NFLD.


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