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The Byrne(1) Family

Father: Peter Byrne [Michael] [Martin]

Mother: Lavenea "Lavina" Ward

Generation Four


1. Mary "Min/Minnie" Byrne: b. Dec 31, 1901, Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, NFLD; d. Sept 8, 1987, Placentia Bay, NFLD.

Married: Jan 10, 1926, Great Paradise, NFLD, to Ignatius Brennan: b. June 16, 1896, Freshwater, Placentia Bay, NFLD; d. Apr 28, 1968, St. John's, NFLD.

Children: Still living.

2. Margaret "Maggie" Byrne: b. abt 1901, Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, NFLD; d. Feb. 13, 1935, Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, NFLD. Note: was raised by her uncle Patrick and aunt Margaret-Mary Byrne.

Married: abt 1929, NFLD, to Vincent Manning; b. Oderin, Placentia Bay, NFLD; d. unknown.

Children: Theresa and Peter.

2. Thomas "Tom" Byrne: b. abt 1904, Great Paradise, PB, NFLD; d. abt 1996, Placentia, PB, NFLD. (Main source for this Byrne family data as he had compiled a condensed history of the early Byrnes to be passed onto those that wanted to persue the family history.)

Married: abt 1930, in St. John's, NFLD, to Mary-Isabella Browne: b. abt 1905, Great Paradise, PB, NFLD; d. abt 1999, Placentia, PB, NFLD.

Children: No Issue.


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