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Main Related Acadian Familes

Below is a listing of all Melanson Family pages as well as Main Related Families that are contained within this site. Click on the set of parents that you are interested in to go to that page.

  1. Children of Pierre LaVerdure and Priscilla.

  2. Children of Pierre dit La Verdure Mellanson and Marie-Marguerite Mius d'Éntremont.

  3. Children of Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson and Marie Dugas.

  4. Children of Marie Melanson (or Mary Laverdure) and David Basset.

  5. Children of Anne Melanson and Jacques de Saint-Étienne de LaTour (Anne's 1st marriage).

  6. Children of Anne Melanson and Alexandre Robichaud (Anne's 2nd marriage).

  7. Children of Cécile Melanson and Abraham Boudrot (Cécile's 1st marriage).

  8. Children of Cécile Melanson and Jean-Antoine Belliveau (Cécile's 2nd marriage).

  9. Children of Françoise Melanson and Jean Cyr.

10. Children of Isabelle Melanson and Michel dit Michaud Bourg.

11. Children of Charles Melanson and Anne-Jeanne Bourg.

12. Children of Magdeleine Melanson and Jean dit Le Jeune Belliveau.

13. Children of Marie Melanson and Charles Belliveau.

14. Children of Ambroise Melanson and Françoise Bourg (Ambroise's 1st marriage).

14. Children of Ambroise Melanson and Marguerite Comeau (Ambroise's 2nd marriage).

15. Children of Pierre Melanson and Anne Granger.

16. Children of Claude Melanson and Marguerite Babineau.

17. Children of Jean dit Jani Melanson and Magdeleine Petitot St. Seine.

18. Children of Marguerite Melanson and Jean-Baptiste dit Toc Landry.

19. Children of Jean Melanson and Marie-Josèphe Lanoue.

20. Children of Pierre dit Parrotte Melanson and Marie-Josèphe Granger.

21. Children of Marie-Josèphe Melanson and Jean-Augustin Gaudet.

22. Children of Jean dit Janne Melanson and Modeste "Ursule" Forest.

23. Children of David Melanson and Marguerite LeBlanc (David's 1st marriage).

24. Children of Dominique-Pierre Melanson and Anne-Rosalie Babin.

25. Children of Pierre Melanson and Rosalie Forest.

26. Children of Cécile Melanson and François dit en Bas Bourg.

27. Children of Dominique Melanson and Isabelle Porelle.

28. Children of Fabien Melanson and Marie-Blanche Léger.

29. Children of Firmin Melanson and Barbe Richard (Firmin's 1st marriage).

30. Children of Joseph dit Magoune Melanson and Marguerite Fournier.

31. Children of Gertrude Melanson and Laurent Boudreau.

32. Children of Romain dit Roma Melanson and Modeste Melanson (Romain's 1st marriage).

33. Children of Romain dit Roma Melanson and Marie Pellerin (Romain's 2nd marriage).

34. Children of François Melanson and Marie Melanson.

35. Children of Pierre dit Pierrotte Melanson and Marguerite LeBlanc.

36. Children of Jules Melanson and Marcelline Bourgeois.

37. Children of Maxime Melanson and Élisabeth Melanson.

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Main Related Acadian Families

These families are presented in light of their early connections to the early Melanson settlers in Acadia. Most are the original parents that settled in Acadia while others are families of their children.

38. Children of Jacques dit Jacob Bourgeois and Jeanne Trahan.

39. Children of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucion.

40. Children of Antoine Bourg and Antoinette Landry.

41. Children of Pierre Comeau and Rose Bayon.

42. Children of Thomas Cormier and Marie-Madeleine Girouard.

43. Children of Martin Dugas and Marguerite Petipas.

44. Children of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite-Louise Doucet.

45. Children of Laurent Granger and Marie Landry.

46. Children of René Landry (L'aîné) and Perrine Bourg.

47. Children of René Landry (le'jeune) and Marie Bernard.

48. Children of Daniel LeBlanc and Françoise Gaudet.

49. Children of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert.

50. Children of André LeBlanc and Marie dite Jeanne Dugas

51. Children of Philippe Mius d'Éntremont and Madeleine Hélie.


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