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This page will contain updates made to this section of the Gathering. Updates will include new site areas, features, data corrections and additions, new families, etc.

Dec. 22/03: Page containing 6th Generation of the Melanson Family (children of Pierre dit Pierrott Melanson and Anne dite Nannette Richard) added to the Gathering. Three lines of my maternal direct Richard line soon to be added.
Dec. 14/03: Can we say "Gaudet"? The Gaudet Family has finally been added to the Gathering. Data for the 2nd generation down to the 8th generation of my direct maternal line of Gaudet ancestors (ending at Barbe dit Babée Gaudet & Timothée LeBlanc - my 3rd great-grandparents) has been added. Two other direct Gaudet lines soon to follow.
Dec. 11/03: Acadia Main page revised and re-uploaded to provide a more condensed version of the Acadian history.
Dec. 8/03: Page containing 6th generation of the Melanson Family (children of Marie-Josèphe Melanson and Jean-Augustin Gaudet) updated and re-uploaded.
Nov. 29/03: Pages containing the 4th generation, children of 1. Philippe Melanson & Marie Dugas; 2. Pierre dit Pedro Melanson & Marie Blanchard; 3. Cécile Melanson & Jean Landry (grandchildren of Pierre dit La Verdure Mellanson & Marie-Marguerite Muis) added to the Gathering (link).
Nov. 24.03: Page containing 3rd Generation for the LeBlanc Family (children of Jaques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert) added to the Gathering.
Nov. 23/03: 1. Revised 2nd Generation page for the LeBlanc Family (children of Daniel LeBlanc and Francoise Gaudet) re-uploaded.
2. Page containing the 3rd Generation of the LeBlanc Family (children of André LeBlanc and Marie dite Jeanne Dugas) added.
Nov. 20/03: 1st Generation page of the Melanson Family moved from the Melanson Intro page to it's own page.
Nov. 20/03: "Introduction to the Melanson Family" page revised and re-uploaded.
Nov. 19/03: "Condensed History of Early Acadia" completely re-written and re-uploaded to the Acadian Main page of the Gathering.
Nov. 15/03: Link to the Congrés de Mondial's offical web site added to the Acadian Links page and the Acadia Main page.
Nov. 5/03: Page containing the 2nd Generation of the Boudrot Family (children of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin) added to the Gathering.
Oct. 29/03: Page containing the 2nd Generation of the Melanson Family (children of Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson and Marie Dugas) revised and re-uploaded.
Oct. 18/03: Link to the Acadian Cultural Society's web site added to the Acadian Links page.
Oct. 5/03: Most pages of David Melanson's decendants pages revised and uploaded.
Sept. 30/03 Data Sources page revised and uploaded.
Sept. 25/03: Web site for Michael B. Melanson's book, The Melansons of Nineteenth-Century Southeastern New Brunswick - A Genealogy, added to the Gathering.
Sept. 14/03: Page containing the 2nd Generation of the Comeau Family (children of Pierre Comeau and Rose Bayon) added to the Gathering.
Aug. 20/03: Web site for Margaret C. Melansons's new book, The Melanson Story, Acadian Family, Acadian Times, added to the Gathering prior to the book's launch in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
Aug. 14/03: Cormier Family's 2nd Generation (children of Thomas Cormier and Marie-Madeleine Girouard) page re-uploaded to the Gathering. A complete tracing of the maternal direct Cormier line will be added soon.

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