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Data Sources

As time permits, I will be going back over my genealogy web pages to match up the sources for the material that I have used on this web site. Unfortunately, when I first began this site 7 years ago I did not integrated these sources into the site itself.

My Master Sources will be listed on this page along with a corresponding alphanumnerical symbol to represent them (i.e.; PA = Provincial Archives, HsI = Headstone inscription; MBM = Michael B. Melanson, Parish Resitry = Rg, etc.) as they will appear throughout the site. Due to the large volume of pages, data and individuals contained within this site I will not be able to insert complete source referrences at each instance for each individual (all data is entered manually). Rather, this master list will give fellow researchers an idea of what material I have gone through to obtain my data.

For those that need the specific source information for any specific piece/s of data, feel free to email me the details of the data and I will happily look up the exact source.

Referrence Material:


Referrence Material

New Brunswick

  • Parish Registries (all marked Rg) for the regions of:
    • St-Thomas de Memramcook
    • Haute-Aboujagane
    • St-Jacques de Scoudouc
    • St-Henri de Barachois
    • St. Anselme
    • Cocagne
    • Cap-Pelé/Shemogue (St-Timotheé de Cap-Pelé)
    • Grand-Digue
  • Census material for (all marked AC) for the regions of:
    • Westmorland County
    • Dorchester County
    • Glouchester County
    • Shediac
    • Scoudouc
    • Cap Ball (Cap-Pelé)
    • Barachois
  • Cemetery Records (CR)

Acadia/Nova Scotia

  • Parish Registries (all are marked Rg) for
    • Grand Pré
    • St-Jean-Baptiste Annapolis Royal/Port Royal
    • Franklin Manor (Minudie, Maccan, Nappan)
  • Census material for (all marked AC)
    • Port Royal
    • Grand Pré
    • Beaubassin


  • Documents from the Boston Archives (BA)

On-Line Sources

Other Sources
  • Personal viewing of headstone inscriptions (HsI) in cemetery in which deceased was buried
  • Family member/first hand witness/es (FMW) information

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