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Reader Comments

Here are unsolicited comments received from readers:

" I have really enjoyed your book and find it a great reference. I'd like to send one to a son ."

S. Lytle, BC

"today, i received your wonderful work on our family, and this book looks great. i am like a young boy who received his Christmas gift. i began to read it (very easy to read, and very clear too). in reading the book, it's like i was returning to my homeland."

G. Melancon, PQ

"I have just finished reading your book - it is superb."

C. Doucette, England
"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your book The Melanson Story. I found it fascinating, very informative and wonderfully written."
K. Melanson, CA

"It is a great book - well researched, well written, well organized, and well presented."

J. Whidden, NS
"Your book arrived yesterday. What a beauty! It is not only physically attractive with great illustrations, but also you have taken a very complex and intricate history and made it enjoyable and easy to read and follow."
M. Melanson, MA
"My son and I are enjoying very much the reading of the Melanson history. What a great accomplishment! We are thanking you very much for all those answers to our questions about our ancestors."
J. Okens, ON
"I am almost finished reading your book. All I can say is WOW! I wanted to send off a quick note to say THANK YOU for writing this book! You have really put the human side to just names and dates."
J. Fischer, MA
"Thanks for the first book. We were so impressed with it that we decided to buy another one."
G. Melancon, LA
"Bravo! What an amazing accomplishment you have succeeded in doing by putting together the Melanson Story in this lovely and well researched book. Every Acadian and everyone interested in our Canadian history should have your book on his/her bookshelf."
W. Melanson, PQ
"We received our 'Melanson Story' a couple of days ago and are thrilled with it. It is 100 times better than we expected."
R. Melanson, CA
"I am enthralled with what I have been reading. The book is wonderful and full of information. It puts the meat to the bones as they say. I feel I am reliving their time again as I read. My daughter and I have been emailing each other constantly about passages in the book and we are having a lot of fun doing it."
G. Turmaine, BC
"A GREAT job! Boy, lots of research there! A great history lesson!"
C. Comeau, ME
"I found it very interesting, and was surprised to discover how many of the people in the book are my own ancestors. I descend from five of Charles's children and three of Pierre's. So all told, I learnt a lot of new & fascinating things about my ancestry. It is great to have all this put together in one place."
P. Delaney, NB
"Your book, which arrived yesterday, is fascinating and very thorough - a splendid job."
B. Clagett, MD
"Thank you for sharing with us all the many hours spent on the research you had to do. Thank you for all the time you spent assembling all this data into a great and very interesting book. Thank you for transcribing those documents that are hard to read. I was already thinking how I could scan the letters into my computer, enlarge and decipher them. I was pleased to see that you had already done this in the back of your book."
E. Melanson, FL
"I just finished reading your book, The Melanson Story. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was so thorough, well documented, interesting, thought provoking, startling, inspiring and above all - WELL WRITTEN. Thank you for all your hard work."
L. Thompson, MA

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