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The Melanson Family

The Acadian Flag

As an Acadian, Nova Scotian and New Brunswickan descendant, I can trace my lineage to any number of the main "core" Acadian families as can every other Acadian descendant. Most of these "core" families are presented here briefly, beginning with the first parents of each of these families to settle in Acadia starting in the late 1640's.

The bulk of my Acadian pages map out my direct Melanson lineage beginning with Pierre Laverdure and Priscilla down through their son Charles Mellanson dit La Ramée and his wife Marie Dugas.

After only one actual 'Acadian born' generation (Charles à Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson à Pierre Laverdure) my direct-line Melanson ancestry then gets caught up in the renaming of Acadia into Nova Scotia (around 1713). Although often still referred to as Acadia by the French (usually in the French census') the next two generations were born in what was now, technically, Nova Scotia. These two generations later veer off into northern Nova Scotia (to Minudie) for about 30 years due to and after the Deportations where a third generation was born (Francois à David Melanson). By about 1806 the last of my Acadian-Nova Scotian born ancestors (Francois and his father David à Pierre dit Parrotte Melanson) settled in southeastern New Brunswick where all subsequent generations of my direct-line Melanson ancestors were born.

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1st Generation

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1. Pierre Laverdure: b. abt 1600-1605, France; d. abt 1677 (SW).
Married: abt 1630, England (SW), to Priscilla --------------: b. abt 1610 (MCM), England; d. abt 1691, Boston (SW/MCM), Mass., New England.

Children: Pierre dit La Verdure Mellanson, Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson and John (Laverdure).

Priscilla Married 2nd: April 8, 1680, at Boston/Dorchester (SW/MCM), Mass., New England, to Captain William Wright, Sr.: (widow of Milah Snow - MCM).


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