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Father: Jules Melanson [Pierre dit Pierrotte] [François] [David] [Pierre dit Parrotte] [Charles] [Charles dit La Ramée] [Pierre Laverdure]

Mother: Marcelline Bourgeois

8th Generation


1. Édouard Melanson: (Teamster) b. Aug 24, 1882, Scoudouc (MBM), New Brunswick; d. Fitchburg, Mass., USA ?.

Married: June 20, 1911, Fitchburg, Mass. (MBM), USA, to Lydia R. Léger.

2. Marie-Marguerite Melanson: b. July 15, 1885, Scoudouc, New Brunswick.

3. Mélina Melanson: b. Dec 17, 1887, Scoudouc, New Brunswick.

No Data.

4. Stanislas Melanson: b. Jan 19, 1890, Scoudouc, New Brunswick; d. Dec. 18, 1969, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Married: abt 1912, Scoudouc, New Brunswick to Beatrice Belliveau; b. 1900; d. Dec. 2, 1982, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Children: Still living.

5. Joseph Melanson: b. abt 1891, Scoudouc, New Brunswick; d. July 27, 1894, Scoudouc, New Brunswick.

6. Joseph-Vital-Alfred Melanson: (Cotton mill worker) b. Apr 30, 1892, (baptized as Joseph-Vital-Alfred) Scoudouc (MBM), New Brunswick.

Married: Sept. 30, 1912, Fitchburg, Mass. (MBM), USA, to Mary Mitchell.

7. Alice Melanson: b. Oct 11, 1895, Scoudouc, New Brunswick.

Married: Jan 26, 1915, Fitchburg, Mass., USA (MBM), to Joseph-Albert Lyonnais.

I am lacking data for the children of the above listed Melansons. Anyone who may have this data and would like to share it (minus individuals that are still living) can email me anytime and my thanks.



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