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Father: Pierre Melanson [David] [Pierre dit Parrotte] [Charles] [Charles dit La Ramée] [Pierre Laverdure]

Mother: Rosalie Forest

(this family was among a small group of tenant farmers from Minudie to settle at Shemogue in mid-late 1790's prior to the mass eviction of the remaining tenants around 1805. Records for births, marriages and deaths are listed under the Saint-Timothée Parish records, 1812-1899, for Shemogue)

7th Generation


1. Maximin Melanson: b. abt 1800, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick; d. Mar 27, 1888, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick.

Married 1st: Sept 26, 1821, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick, to Modeste Léger: b. abt 1804, Minudie, Nova Scotia; d. May 5, 1842, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Children: Hyppolite, Maximin, Osite, Marguerite, Barbe, Marie, Dimerpas and Wincelas dit Philippe.

Married 2nd: June 15, 1853, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick, to Osithe Richard: b. Sept 3, 1815, Memramcook, New Brunswick; d. Aug 12, 1896, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

2. Osite Melanson: b. abt 1804, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick (?); d. Nov 13, 1866, Cap-Pelé (Rg - death records records her as "w/o Etienne Duguay"), New Brunswick.

Married 1st: May 9, 1825, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Joseph Duguay: b. abt 1804; d. abt mid-Aug, 1834, Cap-Pelé (buried Aug. 31, 1834 - Rg), New Brunswick.

Married 2nd: Feb 15, 1841, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Étienne LeBlanc: (2nd-3rd cousins) b. abt 1808; d.abt Apr 1859, Barachois, New Brunswick.

3. Paul-Pierre Melanson: b. abt 1806, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick; b. abt Oct 1883, Cap-Pelé (buried Oct. 23, 1883 - Rg), New Brunswick.

Married: Nov 22, 1830, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Geneviève Cormier: b. Aug 18, 1808, Memramcook, New Brunswick; d. Jan 9, 1882, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick.

Children: Marie, Pierre (died young), Madeleine, Aimé, Pierre, Fidèle, Rosalie, Osite (died young), Dominique, Osite, Antoinette and Sylvain.

4. Marcelline Melanson: b. abt 1810, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick; d. abt Sept-Aug 1861, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Married: Sept 13, 1830, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Simon Bonnevie: b. abt 1807, New Brunswick; d. May 10, 1888, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Child: Simon F.

5. Damase Melanson: b. Dec 10, 1812 (Rg), Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Married: Sept 11, 1838, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick (Rg), to Nathalie Bourg: (2nd cousins) b. Mar 7, 1821, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Children: Marguerite, male infant (died young), David, Antoine, Célestin, Françoise dite Fanny, Marcelline, Susanne, François, Philippe, Barbe, Joseph, Damase, Eustache and Ferdinand.

6. Célestin Melanson: b. Oct 5, 1815, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick; d. abt May 1831, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

7. Scholastique Melanson: b. Mar 12, 1819, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick; d. abt Nov-Dec 1884, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

Married: Jun 11, 1838, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Damien Léger (3rd cousins): b. Apr 5, 1816, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick; d. Oct 15, 1905, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.

8. Françoise Melanson: b. July 27, 1821, Cap-Pelé (Rg), New Brunswick; d. Oct 27, 1894, Barachois, New Brunswick.

Married: Feb 6, 1843, Barachois, New Brunswick, to Laurent Thibodeau: b. Mar 15, 1816, Barachois, New Brunswick; d. Feb 10, 1897, Barachois, New Brunswick.



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