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Father: David Basset

Mother: Marie Melanson or "Mary Laverdure" [Charles dit La Ramée]  [Pierre Laverdure]

4th Generation


1. Mary Basset: b. Feb. 20, 1684, Boston, Mass., New England; d. unknown.

2. David Basset: b. Sept. 13, 1687, Boston, Mass., New England; d. bef 1697 (?) - (Note: appears to have died young for another son is named David)

3. John Basset: b. June 9, 1693, Boston, Mass., New England; d. Oct. 2, 1723, Norwich, Conn. (MCM), New England.

Married: to unknown.

Children: atleast one, a son (MCM).

4. Elizabeth Basset: b. July 15, 1694, Boston, Mass. (SW), New England; d. unknown.

Married: Apr. 10,1721, to John Waterman: b. abt 1690.

Children: Mary, David Basset and Elizabeth.

5. David Basset: May 31, 1697, Boston, Mass. (SW), New England; d. Aug. 17, 1724, West Indies (MCM).

(Note: Was murdered in broad daylight on board his ship in the West Indies while he was sleeping on the hay on the quarterdeck. He was 27 years old." Source: The Melanson Story; Acadian Family, Acadian Times, Chapter 8, Pt. 3, pg. 94)

6. Anne "Nanny" Basset: b. Feb. 8, 1701/2 (SW), Boston, Mass., New England; d. 1763, Hartford, Connecticut (MCM), New England.

Married: Apr. 24, 1722, to William Hide: (William & Anne Bushnell) b. abt 1702; d. 1738 (MCM).

Children: Flavius, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, William, Priscilla and Hannah.



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