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Father: Ambroise Melanson [Charles dit La Ramée] [Pierre Laverdure]

Mother: Françoise Bourg (1st marriage)

4th Generation


1. Charles Melanson: (twin) b. Dec. 29, 1706, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

2. anonyme Melanson: (twin) d. Dec. 30, 1706 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

3. Joseph Melanson: b. Sept. 23, 1708, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

4. Jean-Baptiste Melanson: b. Oct 5, 1710, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia/Nova Scotia; d. Apr. 11, 1782, Locmaria (SW), France.

Married: Oct. 22, 1732, Grand Pré (SW), Nova Scotia, to Cécile Aucoin: (Martin & Catherine Thériot) b. Oct 31, 1709, Grand Pré (SW), Acadia; d. in Bristol, England.

Children: Marie, Marie-Madeleine and Françoise.

5. Madeleine Melanson: (triplet) b. Jan. 27, 1714, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia; d. bet 1749 and 1754 (SW).

Married: Jan. 31, 1735, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia, to Pierre dit Grande Pierre Boudreau: (François & Madeleine Belliveau) b. June 30, 1712 (SW), Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

Children: Pierre, Charles, Basile, Hilaire, Isaie and Jean.

6. Ambroise Melanson: (triplet) b. Jan. 27, 1714, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia.

Married: Nov. 26, 1733, Beaubassin (SW), Nova Scotia, to Anne Hébert: (Joseph & Anne-Marie Boudrot) b. Acadia/Nova Scotia.

Children: Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Paul.

7. Marie Melanson: (triplet) b. Jan. 27, 1714, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia; d. Oct. 19, 1733 (SW), Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

8. Élisabeth (Isabelle) Melanson: (twin) b. Nov. 22, 1715, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia; d. Dec. 20/21 1757 (SW), Québec.

Married: Oct. 26, 1734, Beaubassin (SW), Nova Scotia, to Olivier Thibodeau: (Pierre le jeune & Anne-Marie Aucoin) abt 1712 (SW), Nova Scotia; d. Nov 21/22, 1757 (SW), Québec.

(Note: during the Deportation of 1755, Elisabeth and spouse Olivier, were aboard a transport ship, the Pembroke, which was bound for North Carolina. A revolt onboard the ship, led by Charles Belliveau, of the Acadian men against their English captors succeeded and the ship was turned around and sailed up the St. John River where the Acadians disembarked. Some of the Acadians travelled on foot to Québec where Marguerite and spouse Jean-Baptiste dit Toc died during a small pox epidemic that hit the area 2 years later, claiming the lives of many of the Acadians who had escaped the Deportations.)

Children: no data.

9. Marguerite Melanson: (twin) b. Nov. 22, 1715, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia.



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