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The Dugas Family

Father: Abraham Dugas: Armorer to the King; b. abt 1616, France; d. aft 1698, Port Royal, Acadia; d. bef Dec. 20, 1707.

Note: Arrived in Port Royal, Acadia, abt 1640. Was given the designation of Lieutenant General in Acadia. Lived on the shore of the Annapolis River, close to the site of Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal.

Mother: Marguerite-Louise Doucet: (Germain Doucet dit La Verdure) b. abt 1625, France; m. abt 1647, Port Royal, Acadia; B. Dec. 20, 1707 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: Marguerite-Louise was recorded as a widow at time of death.

2nd Generation


1. Marie Dugas: b. abt 1646, Port Royal, Acadia; d. July 7, 1737, Port Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia. B. Dec. 20, 1707 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: witnesses on Burial record (Annapolis Royal Rg) included sons Charles Melanson, Jean Melanson and Ambroise Melanson. Marie was recorded as about 91 years old at time of death and widow of the late Charles Melanson. Was buried July 8, 1737 (Rg).

Married: abt 1663, Port Royal, Acadia, to Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson. (Pierre Laverdure & Priscilla) Farmer; b. abt 1642, England (SW/MBM); d. abt 1700, Port Royal, Acadia (SW).

2. Claude Dugas: b. abt 1646, Port Royal, Acadia; B. Oct. 16, 1732, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia. B. Dec. 20, 1707 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: Recorded as "about eighty-six years" old at time of death.

Married 1st: abt 1673, Port Royal, Acadia, to Marie-Françoise Bourgeois: (Jacques dit Jacob and Jeanne Trahan), b. abt 1659, Acadian; d. bef 1697, Port Royal, Acadia.

Children: Marie, Claude, Françoise, Joseph, Marguerite, Anne, Jeanne, Agnes, François, Madeleine, Marie and Cecile.

Married 2nd: Port Royal, Acadia, to Marguerite Bourg: (Bernard & Françoise Brun) b. abt 1687; d. May 27, 1747, Port Royal (Rg).

Note: was recorded as being "about sixty years old" at time of death and a "widow of the late Claude Dugas".

Children: Élisabeth "Isabelle", Joseph, Marguerite, Louis, Claire, Marie-Anne, Charles, Marie, Claude and Michel.

3. Anne-Marie Dugas: b. abt 1654, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Nov. 4, 1740, Beaubassin, Nova Scotia.

Married 1st: abt 1668, Beaubassin, Acadia, to Charles Bourgeois: (Jacques dit Jacob and Jeanne Trahan) b. abt 1646, Acadia; d. bef 1679.

Children: Marie, Charles, Claude and Anne.

Married 2nd: Apr. 26, 1679, Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, to Jean-Aubin dit Châtillon Mignot: b. Feb 1650, Québec, Canada; d. Sept. 5, 1712, Québec City, Canada.

Children: Jean, Cécile dite Aubin, Alexis, Jacques, Louis-Joseph dit Aubin and Pierre dit Châtillon.

4. Martin Dugas: b. abt 1656, Port Royal, Acadia; d. unknown.

Married: abt 1676, to Marguerite Petitpas: b. abt 1661, Acadia; d. unknown.

Children: Abraham dit Grivois and Marguerite

5. Marguerite Dugas: b. abt 1657, Port Royal, Acadia; d. abt 1685, Beaubassin, Acadia.

Married: abt 1675, Port Royal, Acadia, to Pierre Arseneau: (Soldier and co-founder of the Bourgeois Colony which later became known as Beaubassin); d. abt 1710, Beaubassin, Acadia.

Children: Pierre and Abraham.

6.  Abraham Dugas: b. abt 1661, Port Royal, Acadia; d. abt 1720, Port Royal, Nova Scotia (B. Dec. 20, 1707 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: not known for certain if this is same Abraham Dugas recorded as being buried at Port Royal on May 3, 1720. No other details provided in PR Registry record.

Married 1st: abt 1685, Port Royal, Acadia, to Jeanne Guilbeau: b. abt 1670, Acadia; d. unknown.

Children: Anne, Joseph, Marguerite, Marie and Jeanne.

Married 2nd: abt 1700, Acadia, to Marie-Madeleine Landry.

Children: Marguerite, Jean and Marie.

7. Magdeleine Dugas: b. abt 1664, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Aug. 8, 1738, Port Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia.

Note: recorded as "about seventy-four years old" at death and the "widow of Germain Bourgeois". Was buried Aug. 9, 1738 (Rg).

Married: abt 1682, Port Royal, Acadia, to Germain Bourgeois: (Jacques dit Jacob and Jeanne Trahan), b. abt 1650, Acadia; d. abt 1711, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

Children: Madeleine, Agnes, Anne, Joseph dit Jacques, Marie-Josèphe, Claude, François, Marguerite, Marie-Madeleine and Jeanne.

8. Marie dite Jeanne Dugas: b. abt 1667, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Jan. 13, 1734, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia.

Married: abt 1683, Acadia, to André LeBlanc: (Daniel & Jeanne Trahan) b. abt 1659, Acadia; d. May 3, 1743, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia.

Children: Jean, Marie, Pierre, Anne, Jacques, Claude-André, François, Joseph-André dit Jos-André, Charles-André and Claire.



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