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The Comeau Family

Father: Pierre Comeau b. abt 1598 (SW)

Mother: Rose Bayon b. abt 1631 (SW); d. abt 1678 (SW)

2nd Generation


1. Étienne Comeau: b. abt 1650 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; B. Jan. 22, 1723, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

Note: recorded as being "about seventy-three years old" at death.

Married 1st: abt 1670 (SW) to Marie-Anne Lefebvre (Martin & Barbe Bajolet).

Children: Catherine, Alexandre and Marie.

Married 2nd: abt 1698 (SW) to Marie Landry: (René (l'aîné) & Perrine Bourg) b. abt 1646, Acadia; d. in Port Royal, Acadia/Nova Scotia. Note: widow of Germain Doucet.

2. Pierre l'aîné dit L'Esturgeon Comeau: b. abt 1652 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. Apr. 8, 1730 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia

Note: recorded as being "about eighty years old" at death. Buried Apr. 9, 1730, PR (Rg).

Married: abt 1677 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Jeanne Bourg: (Antoine & Antoinette Landry) b. abt 1659, Acadia; d. Feb 22, 1724, Acadia.

Children: Marie, Abraham, Marguerite, Anne (died abt 18 yrs old, PR Rg), Marie-Jeanne, Joseph dit GrandJean, Madeleine, Pierre (died at 20 yrs old, PR Rg), Angelique, Élisabeth (Isabelle) (jumelle), Catherine (died abt 25 yrs old, PR Rg), Françoise, Cecile (died at 20 yrs old, PR Rg), Jean, François, Maurice, Ambroise and Jacques (died young: 1 mth old. PR Rg).

3. Françoise Comeau: b. abt 1654 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. abt Dec. 1678 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Married: abt 1672 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Jean Gaudet (Jean & Nicole Colleson).


4. Jean l'aîné Comeau: b. abt 1656 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. Nov. 14, 1720 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: Recorded on marriage record to Catherine as "widower of Françoise Hebert".

Married 1st: abt 1675 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Françoise Hébert (Étienne & Marie Gaudet). d. bef Jan. 7, 1720.

Children: infant, infant, Marie, Pierre (Jumeau), Étienne (Jumeau), Jean-Baptiste, Anne, Marguerite (died young), Augustin, Claude, François, Marie, Françoise, Alexandre, Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie-Charlotte, Joseph and Anne-Judith.

Married 2nd: Jan. 7, 1720 Port Royal (Rg), Acadia to Catherine dit Lejeune Joseph (François & Jeanne Lejeune).

Note: Catherine's mother, Jeanne Le Jeune is recorded on marriage record as a "Mikmak".

Child: Françoise.

5. Pierre le jeune dit Des Loups-Marins Comeau: b. abt 1658 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Married: abt 1689 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Jeanne Bourgeois (Jacques dit Jacob & Jeanne Trahan) b. abt 1666, Acadia; B. June 10, 1716, Port Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia.

Note: recorded as being "about 50 years old" at death.

Children: Pierre (died abt 13 yrs old - SW), Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Françoise, Anne, Jeanne, François, anonyme, Pierre (died abt 10 yrs old -SW), Pierre (died abt 8 yrs old - SW) and Alexandre.

6. Jeanne Comeau: b. abt 1662 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. Oct. 8, 1725 (SW).

Married: abt 1679 to Étienne Hébert (Étienne & Marie Gaudet).


7. Marie(-Jeanne) (Anne-Marie) Comeau: b. abt 1663 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. abt 1693 (SW).

Married: abt 1676 to Étienne Rivet.


8. Jean le jeune dit Jean-Augustin Comeau: b. abt 1665 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Married: abt 1686 to Catherine Babin (Antoine & Marie Mercier).

Children: Marie, Geneviève, Isabelle, Françoise, Marguerite, Madeleine, Catherine, Claude, Étienne, Pierre, Marie-Josèphe, Anne, Claire, Jean-Baptiste and Joseph.


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