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The Boudrot Family

Father: Michel Boudrot: b. abt 1600 (SW); d. Aug. 20, 1688 (SW)

Married: about 1641, Port Royal, Acadia to

Mother: Michele Aucoin: b. abt 1621 (SW); d. 17 Dec. 1706 (Rg)
(Burial record stated: that Michele was "more than ninety-five years old" when she died. PR Rg)

2nd Generation


1. Françoise Boudrot: b. abt 1642, Port Royal (SW), Acadia; d. 1714 (SW).

Married: abt 1663 (SW) to Étienne Robichaud.

2. Jeanne Boudrot: b. abt 1645, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia; d. May 8, 1710, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia. Note: Burial record stated age at death was "about sixty years old."

Married: abt 1666 (SW) to Bonaventure dit Venture Thériot (Jean & Perrine Rau).

3. Charles Boudrot: b. abt 1646, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia; d. aft 1714 (SW).

Married 1st: abt 1672 (SW) to Renée Bourg (Antoine & Antoinette Landry); b. abt 1655; d. 1886.

Children: infant (died young), Charles, Marie, Anne, René, Marguerite, Claude and Jean-Baptiste.

Married 2nd: abt 1686 (SW) to Marie Corporon (Jean & Françoise Savoie).

Children: Jérôme, Denis, Paul, Pierre, Antoine, François, Marie-Josèphe, Joseph, Madeleine, Catherine-Josèphe, Marguerite and an unnamed infant daughter (died young).

4. Marguerite Boudrot: b. abt 1648, Port Royal (SW), Acadia; B. Nov. 9, 1718, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

Note: Burial record stated age at death was "about seventy years old."

Married 1st: abt 1665 (SW) to François Bourg (Antoine & Antoinette Landry).

Children: Michel dit Michaud, Marie, Aleandre dit Bellehumeur, Marguerite, Madeleine, Pierre and Anne dite Jeanne.

Married 2nd: abt 1691 (SW) to Jean Babineau.

5. Marie Boudrot: b. abt 1650 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Married: abt 1673 (SW) to Michel Poirier (Jean & Jeanne Chebrat).

6. Jean Boudrot: b. abt 1655 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. Nov 30, 1679, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

Married: abt 1676 (SW) to Marguerite Bourgeois: (Jacques & Jeanne Trahan) b. abt 1658 (SW); d. 8/9 Aug. 1732, Beaubassin (SW), Nova Scotia.

Children: Marie-Anne.

7. Abraham Boudrot: b. abt 1657, Port Royal (SW), Acadia; d. abt 1701 (SW).

Married: abt 1686 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Cécile Melanson: (Charles dit La Rameé Mellanson & Marie Dugas) b. abt 1670, Port Royal (SW),  Acadia; d. aft 1720, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

Children: Charles dit Charlot, Jean, Michel dit Miquetau, François dit Manne, Marie, Cécile and Anne.

8. Michel Boudrot: b. abt 1659 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia; d. Feb. 13, 1714 (SW).

Married: abt 1690, Port Royal, Acadia to Marie-Madeleine Cormier (Thomas & Marie-Madeleine Girouard) b. abt 1670 (SW); d. Feb. 13, 1714 (SW).

Children: Marie-Madeleine, Michel-Joseph, Élisabeth (Isabelle), Madeleine, Anselme, Claude and Paul.

9. Olivier Boudrot: b. abt 1661 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia.

Married: abt 1686 (SW) to Isabelle (Élisabeth) Petitpas (Claude & Catherine Bugaret).

Chidlren: Jean-Baptiste.

Isabelle (Élisabeth) married 2nd: abt 1690 (SW) to Alexandre Robichaud.

10. Claude Boudrot: b. abt 1663, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Mar. 7, 1740, Grand Pré (Rg), Nova Scotia.

Married 1st: abt 1682 (SW), Port Royal, Acadia to Anne-Marie Thibodeau (Pierre & Jeanne Thériot) b. abt 1666 (SW).

Children: Claude, Michel, Joseph, Anne-Marie (Marie-Anne), Marie, Anne, Élisabeth (Isabelle) and Marguerite.

Married 2nd: abt 1700 to Catherine Meunier (Jean & Marguerite Hausseau) d. bef Aug. 7, 1735 (Claude was recorded as a widow in his marriage record to Madeleine Corporon (PR Rg).

Children: Catherine, Cecile, Etienne, Marie, Paul dit Petit Paul, François, Jean dit Lami, Pierre, Françoise, Marie-Josèphe, Claire, Anne and Charles.

Married 3rd: Aug. 7, 1735, Port Royal (Rg), to Madeleine Corporon (Jean & Françoise Savoie) b. abt 1607 (Rg).

Note: Madeleine was the widow of Bernard dit Laverdure Doucet and Francois dit Laverdure Leclerc/Clair
(PR Rg)

11. François Boudrot: b. abt 1666, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Sept 27, 1733, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia.

Note: Burial record stated that age at death was "about sixty-six years old" and that he was the "widower of Marie Belivau." Sons Charles and Pierre were recorded as witnesses on burial record (PR Rg).

Married: abt 1692 (SW) to Madeleine Belliveau (Jean & Jeanne Bourg) b abt. 1676 (SW); d. bef. Sept. 27, 1733.

Children: Jean, Joseph, Madeleine, Francois, Marie (Marie-Anne), Michel, Charles, Pierre dit Grand Pierre and Marguerite.



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