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My Direct Melanson Line

Generation 1:

Pierre Laverdure: b. abt 1600-1605, France; d. abt 1677, Boston, Mass., New England or Acadia.

Married: abt 1630, England, to Priscilla --------------: b. abt 1610 (MCM), England; d. abt 1691, Boston, Mass., New England.

Children: Pierre Mellanson dit La Verdure, Charles Mellanson dit La Ramée (below) and John Laverdure.

Priscilla Married 2nd: April 8, 1680, at Boston/Dorchester, Mass., New England, to Captain William Wright, Sr.

Generation 2:

Charles dit La Ramée Mellanson: Farmer; b. abt 1642, England (SW/MBM); d. abt 1700, Port Royal, Acadia (SW).

Married: abt 1663, Port Royal, Acadia, to Marie Dugas: (Abraham & Marguerite-Louise Doucet) b. abt 1646, Port Royal, Acadia; d. July 7, 1737, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia. B. Dec. 20, 1707 (Rg), Port Royal, Acadia.

Note: witnesses on Marie's burial record (Annapolis Royal Rg) included sons Charles Melanson, Jean Melanson and Ambroise Melanson. Marie was recorded as being "about 91 years old" at time of death and "widow of the late Charles Melanson". Was buried July 8, 1737 (Rg).

Children: Marie (Mary), Marguerite, Anne, Cécile, Françoise, Isabelle, Charles (below), Magdeleine, Marie, Ambroise (twin), Pierre (twin), Claude, Jean dit Janne and Marguerite.

Generation 3:

Charles Melanson: b. abt 1675, Port Royal,  Acadia; d. Sept. 19, 1757, Québec City (MBM), Canada.

Note: during the Deportation of 1755, Charles was aboard a transport ship, the Pembroke, which was bound for North Carolina. A revolt onboard the ship, led by Charles Belliveau, of the Acadian men against their English captors succeeded and the ship was turned around and sailed up the St. John River to St. John where the Acadians disembarked. Some of the Acadians travelled on foot to Quebec where Charles died during a small pox epidemic that hit the area 2 years later, claiming the lives of many of the Acadians who had escaped the Deportations.

Married: abt 1701, Port Royal, Acadia, to Anne-Jeanne Bourg: (François & Marguerite Boudrot) b. abt 1677, Port Royal, Acadia; d. Mar. 21, 1750, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

Children: Charles-Jean, Anne, Marie, Jean, Anne, Joseph, Pierre dit Parrotte (below) and Claude.

Generation 4:

Pierre dit Parrotte Melanson: b. abt 1720, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia; d. bet 1791-1792, Minudie, Nova Scotia.

Note: During the 1755 Deportations, was either onboard the English transport ship the Pembroke or escaped the Annapolis Royal area by some other means. In 1761 he was imprisoned along with his family and other Acadian escapees at Fort Edward and Fort Beauséjour after being captured by or after surrendering to English troops either in the region of Caraquet, NB or in the Pedicodiac River area. Was one of the original 10 families to be settled at the DesBarres Estate, Elysian Fields (Minudie), NS in 1768.

Married: Feb. 1, 1746, Annapolis Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia, to Marie-Josèphe Granger: (Laurent & Anne Bourg) b. Jan 12, 1723, Port Royal, Acadia.

Children: Marie-Josèphe, Jean dit Janne, Osite, Pierre, David (below) and Dominique-Pierre.

Generation 5:

David Melanson: b. abt mid 1755 (MBM), Annapolis, Acadia; d. aft 1834 (migrated from Minudie, NS to Dorchester-Crossing, NB after obtaining a land grant in 1806. Later moved into neighbouring Scoudouc after obtaining a land grant there).

Note: presumed to be buried in St. Thomas parish Cemetery, Memramcook, NB: no death/burial record can be traced. Was listed, along with his wife (Barbe Richard) in the 1820 census return for Shediac.

Married: abt 1776, Minudie (MBM), Nova Scotia, to Marguerite LeBlanc: (Joseph dit Jos-Andre & Marguerite Hébert) b. abt 1756; d. Jan. 22, 1810, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick.

Children: Pierre, Cécile, Rosalie, Dominique, Fabien, Firmin, Brigette, Joseph dit Magoune, Gertrude, Romain dit Roma and François (below).

David Married 2nd: Feb. 4, 1811, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick, to Anne dite Nannette Richard: (René & Perpetue Bourgeois)

Note: Anne was the widow of Pierre dit Pierrotte Melanson, David's 1st cousin. She is presumed to be buried in St. Thomas parish Cemetery, Memramcook, NB: no death/burial record can be traced.

Generation 6:

François Melanson: b. abt 1797 (MBM), Minudie, Nova Scotia; d. July 21, 1869, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Married: Nov. 16, 1818, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick, to Marie Melanson: (Pierre dit Pierrotte & Anne dite Nannette Richard) b. abt 1798; d. June 1, 1872, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Children: Marguerite, François, Pierre dit Pierrotte (below).

Generation 7:

Pierre dit Pierrotte Melanson: b. Sept. 24, 1829, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick; d. Apr. 2, 1913, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Married: Jan. 22, 1851, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick, to Marguerite LeBlanc: (Francois & Isabelle LeBlanc) b. Sept 25, 1831, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick.

Children: Nathalie, Delphine (died in her early 20's), Isabelle, Jules, Maxime (below), Sara and Delphine (born same year that the first Delphine died).

Generation 8:

Maxime Melanson: b. Nov. 2, 1863, Scoudouc, New Brunswick; d. Oct. 16, 1952 (CR), Scoudouc, New Brunswick.

Married: Aug. 18, 1890, Memramcook, New Brunswick, to Élisabeth Melanson: (Célestin & Marguerite Gaudet) b. Nov. 11, 1866, Memramcook, New Brunswick; d. Aug. 29, 1937, Scoudouc (CR), New Brunswick.

Children: Joseph-Oscar, Marie-Elmire, Marie-Marguerite, Joseph-Alyre-Aurele "Aurele" (below), Joseph-Clarence, Arsene, Elda and Jacob

Generation 9:

Joseph-Alyre-"Aurele" Melanson: b. Jan. 3, 1897, St. Bernard de Moncton (Rg), New Brunswick; d. Jan. 1, 1978, Scoudouc (Rg), New Brunswick.

Married: Oct. 31, 1921, Haute-Aboujagane (Rg), NB, to Marie-Zélica LeBlanc: (Julien dit Petite Julien and Marie-Anne Gaudet) b. Apr. 12, 1900, Haute-Aboujagane (Rg), New Brunswick; d. Nov. 1985, Scoudouc (Rg), New Brunswick. Note: Click on Zélica's name to view my direct maternal LeBlanc lineage through her right up to Daniel LeBlanc.

Children: Still living.


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