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The Melanson Family

Father: Charles Melanson [Charles] [Charles La Ramée] [Pierre Laverdure]

Mother: Marie-Anne Granger

Note: Some of this family ended up in Québec due to the Acadian Expulsions of 1755 hence the use of both the original English spelling of the Melanson surname and the Frenchinized version.

4th Generation


1. Jean Baptiste Melanson: b. Dec. 27, 1728, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

Married: Ja. 20, 1755, Port Royal (Rg), Acadia to Marguerite Poirier: (Jean-Baptiste & Marie LaTour) b. abt 1732.

2. Anne-Marie Melanson: b. Oct. 21, 1730, Port Royal (Rg), Nova Scotia; d. Baie Saint Marie, Nova Scotia.

Married: to Pierre-Ambroise Melanson: b. May 9, 1727, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. Apr. 1, 1774, Concession, Nova Scotia.

3. Charles Melanson: b. abt 1731, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

4. Joseph Melanson (Melancon): b. Dec. 9, 1733, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. Nov. 21, 1803, L'Isle Verté, Québec.

Married: to Laurie-Marie Cote.

5. Marie-Josèphe Melanson: b. Jan. 18, 1735/36, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

6. Charles dit Litan Melanson: b. Sept. 13, 1738, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. abt 1788, Minudie, Nova Scotia.

Married: to Anne dite Nannette Léger.

Children: Anne dite Nanon, Casimir, Joseph dit Tabanuc, John-Baptiste, Helene (married Joseph Frederic William DesBarres, the illigitimate son of William Frederic Wallet DesBarres of the DesBarres Estates, Minudie, NS), Charles dit Charlitte, Pierre dit Pierrotte and Scholastique dite Christine.

7. Marguerite-Theosite Melanson: b. Dec. 31, 1740, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. Jan.17, 1740/41, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

8. Pierre Melanson (Melancon): b. Apr. 19, 1742, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. abt 1826, St. Jacques, Québec.

Married: to Marguerite Laure.

9. Amable-Poncy Melanson (Melancon): b. abt 1744, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. Nov. 12, 1826, St. Jacques, Québec.

Married 1st: to Marguerite Lanoue.

Married 1st: to Marie Richard.

10. Claude Melanson (Melancon): b. Dec. 2, 1748, Port Royal, Nova Scotia; d. May 19, 1816, St. Jacques, Québec.

Married: to Marie-Ludivine Gaudet.

11. Isabelle Melanson: b. abt 1751, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.


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