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The LeBlanc Family

Father: Joseph dit Jos-André LeBlanc [Claude-André] [André] [Daniel]

Mother: Marie dit Bidaque Doiron

5th Generation


1. Blandine LeBlanc.

2. Firmin LeBlanc: b. abt 17460 (SW), Acadia; d. Aug. 6, 1827, Memramcook (Rg), NB.

Married: to Ludivine Dupuis.

Children: Sylvain dit Tailor, Joseph dit Tetu, Rosalie, Charles, Pierre, Anne dite Nannette, Jean dit Bis, Michel, Maximin, Marie and Amand.

2. Joseph dit Jean-André LeBlanc: b. abt 1748 (SW), Acadia; d. Apr. 28, 1813, Memramcook (Rg), NB.

Married: Aug. 14, 1775 to Marguerite Forest: (Charles & Marie Chaisson).

Children: Pierre dit Pierrot, Jean dit Jeandreche, Marie and Emmanuel.

2. Francois LeBlanc: b. abt 1755 (SW), Acadia; d. Sept. 1, 1846.

Married: to Euphrosine Hébert.

Children: Perpetue, Anne, Marcel, Mathurin, Marie, Gabriel, Francois, Blanche, Joseph, Pélagie and Thomas.

2. Marguerite LeBlanc: (my 4th great grandmother) b. abt 1756; d. Jan. 22, 1810, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick.

Note: Will have been among those originally buried at the old Memramcook, NB parish cememtery that were exhumed and re-interred at the new church's cemetery (St.Thomas) when it opened in 1840. No church record exists of where in the cemetery she is buried.

Married: abt 1776, Minudie, Nova Scotia, to David Melanson: (Pierre dit Parrotte & Marie-Josephe Granger) b. abt 1755 (MBM/MCM); d. aft 1834.

Note 1: migrated from Minudie, NS to Scoudouc, Dorchester, NB after obtaining a land grant in 1815.

Note 2: presumed to be buried in St. Thomas parish Cemetery, Memramcook: no death/burial record can be traced.

Children: Pierre, Cécile, Rosalie, Dominique, Fabien, Firmin, Brigette, Joseph dit Magoune, Gertrude, Romain dit Roma and François.

David Married 2nd: Feb. 4, 1811, Memramcook (Rg), New Brunswick, to Anne dite Nannette Richard: (René & Perpetue Bourgeois)

Note: Anne was the widow of Pierre dit Pierrotte Melanson, David's 1st cousin. She is presumed to be buried in St. Thomas parish Cemetery, Memramcook, NB: no death/burial record can be traced.

2. Paul LeBlanc: b. abt 1760 (SW), Acadia; d. Aug. 28, 1825, Barachois (Rg), NB.

Married 1st: abt 1782 to Marie Babin:

Children: Nathalie, Rosalie, Maximin, Victor, Élisabeth and Pierre.

2. Francois LeBlanc: b. abt 1762 (SW).


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